What’s this Copy-Paste Job?
Copy-Paste Job, as the name only indicates, its just a copy-paste job. You’ve to copy text matter from the database and same you have to paste on the server that’s it. Nothing more or less you’ve to do. Before you read on, keep in mind that its just copy paste job only. You won’t get anything or similar to MLM, Network Marketing, Chain Scheme. No Need to Spend Hours in searching anything. Just 100% Pure Copy-Paste Job.

Do I need to be an expert, to join this Copy-Paste Job?

Not Necessary. All you need to know is 2 things, ctrl+C means copy, & ctrl+V is paste. These are the only 2 things you will need to know while working.

Is there any age limit or any type of basic requirements to get started?

No age limit. However candidates below 18 yrs can get paid in their parents name. All you need to have basics of Internet, opening and surfing websites that’s it.

What Exactly I’ve to do in this Copy-Paste Job?

You’ll get Queries in the form of keywords or phrases (means a combination of 3–5 words). All you’ve to do is input the keyword or phrases inside the database and with a single click within milliseconds you will get the result. Just copy the text matter and paste it inside the server box. Just you’ve to open the database, copy the content from it, and paste the same in the server box and click submit. Everything will be provide from our side.

Will It going to take time in searching the matter from database?

As said, above it will not take more than 1 millisecond. So nothing to worry like you’ve to wait a long in searching the matter.

Where I can find the database for copy paste Job?

Database and all the working instruction details will be given only to registered clients to their email address. After getting registered you will get username and password of the server, where you have to work.

What If did all the Job, how can I get more copy paste jobs?

Our Database is regularly updated on the server with new copy paste jobs, so there is nothing to worry like shortage of work.

How many copy-paste Job I’ve to do daily and in a particular month?

We are not concerned with your daily work. However in a particular month atleast you’ve to do a Minimum of 1500 copy-paste Jobs under Starter & a Minimum of 1500 Copy Paste Jobs under Master Plan in order to get paid. Its just like no work load. The reason why we kept such a small minimum requirement of the job, is that everyone gets paid, even if they are just spending 2 minutes a day.

What if I submit less than the minimum no. of required copy paste Jobs under particular plan in a month will I get paid for the same?

No you won’t get paid for the same. However that work and its payment will be carry forwarded to the coming month and will be paid along with it.

What’s the maximum no. of copy-paste Job I can do in a day and in a particular month?

In a day, you can do any no. of copy-paste job, no restrictions. However in a particular month you can do at the most 3000 (Under Starter Plan) or 5000 (Under Master Plan) copy-paste job, depending on which plan you are.

For more details regarding the working plans — Check Job Plans/Payouts Tab

How much I’ll be paid for each copy-paste Job?

What are the different types of Work Plans?
We have 2 different types of Work Plans. You can select the one as per your needs. Plans are designed in a manner for part time and one who wants full time job.

Check Job Plans/Payouts Tab

How I’m gonna know whether the copy-paste Job I did is valid or not & How will I’ll be paid for the same?

On the Server you’ll be having your My Account section, where in real time you see the no. of copy paste job done by you. The total no. of copy paste will be your successful work and you will be paid for that. And you’ll be paid for each copy paste job you do as per the Check Job Plans/Payouts Tab

Is it compulsory to do copy paste for all the queries like on all the keywords or phrases whatever I get?

No its not compulsory, you can start copy-paste on any particular query or keyword or phrases from the database. You will get millions of Queries (Keywords & Phrases) from that work on, of your choice.

Is there any type of Accuracy counted here?

No Accuracy is required here. Spelling mistakes too will not be counted because its copy paste job.

What will be the monthly Work Load in this Copy-Paste Job?

There is no work load in this Job, the more you work more you will be paid. However to get paid, every month you’ve to submit a total of 500 copy-paste’s. Not compulsory that daily you have to work.

What should be the length or size of copy-paste work?

It doesn’t matter whether, text matter of this copy is of 1 line or 100 line. So whether you put 1 line or 100 line text matter you will be paid the same amount.

Can I edit or change my copy-paste work later on, If I want ?

Yes you can edit/change the job work after entering the members area any time.

How long it will take to know that my work is valid or invalid?

All copy-paste Job work will be accepted, until and unless you are not putting wrong text matter.
In what cases my work will be rejected?

1. If you are putting wrong text matter which is not all concerned with the keyword or query given, it will be rejected.

2. If you are duplicating the copy-paste work, by pasting the same thing repeatedly it will be rejected.

3. If you are violating any of our working rules, your account will be terminated.

4. If you are putting something vulgar or bad language regarding any query or keyword, your account will be terminated.

5. In case, you are not submitting the minimum no. 1600 copy-paste work for 2 consecutive months, your account will be terminated.
What will be the mode of receiving my monthly payments?

You will be paid as per the payout mode you set in payout mode under My Account Section.
What will be the payment cycle?

Payment is made every month between 7th to 15th, for previous month work. Repayment of the work is made on 22nd of the month in case of non receipt of payment.
Why Do I’ve to pay registration Fees?

This registration is for 12 Months Contract Period. You don’t have to pay anything till contract ends. Registration fees include administrative charges, server charges on which you’ll work, includes account maintenance charges, and life time charges of Live support which you get while working. It also includes all the correspondence charges in which documents are sent through post or courier to your address, bank transaction charges etc.

Registration Fees also kept to keep away spam workers from working. If we keep free, then in a single day all job work will be over as daily millions of people visit our site. So Registration fees gives us serious workers only, and one works promptly too.

Moreover we cannot give access of secure servers to anyone like spam workers. However we may refund registration fees to clients who work promptly for 3 months.
Copy Paste Jobs looks very simple, why you pay so much amount?

This is the most likely question asked be our clients. We are putting the answer here.

Internet has changed the way of marketing, promotions and ranking of all the things. You might be doing a single copy paste job, but on the server, on which you are doing job is having wide no. of promotional scriptings which is linked to different.

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