Why this? Why now?

And as imagination bodies forth
 The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen
 Turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing
 A local habitation and a name.
 — William Shakespeare (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

I ought to be honest, at least now, I do not know why I started this post. Some would say peer pressure (really?!), while some would say “Ah, it’s the ways of the digital world right now! Everyone does it” and there are the elite few who do not know, but just randomly realise their love for writing, pick up the nearest-available pen and paper (or in this case, laptop) and pen the first five sentences that come into their minds. I humbly fall into the third category. In my case, I could not fathom more than two and so at this moment I am going to look away into the beautiful evening skies from my room. I am hoping that the night sky will part and my thoughts will magically appear on the skies for me but who am I kidding?! There is going to be no enlightenment, no magical equations appearing from the sky or in front of my face. My inner conscience tells me that I am no Allan from The Hangover movie and then it reminds me (with a *seriously* expression) that I am being too dramatic.

Cut scene…

And I am standing on my balcony, sipping some ginger ale and looking at the view. It looks something like this:

<insert fancy caption because hell I cannot>

Now, I am not the best of photographers out there nor do I have the most technologically-advanced phone on the planet, but I make do. It’s my favourite spot to sit and sip on some coffee or ginger ale, and admire buildings afar with those little lights shining like mutated fireflies and the skies trying to pull off a picturesque pose as if in response to seeing my camera.

I pause, take a step back and admire the graphic that I see in front of me. I remember a close friend talking about wanting to start a photography blog with vivid moments captured and explained. I have friends who love to flaunt their skills on Instagram and these are supported by some beautiful captioning.


Was this going to be my photography blog?


Just another regular blog amongst the million other blogs out there in the WWW.


No. That wasn’t going to cut it. Not even close. It had to be different. My conscience gave the easier way out: “Make it a mixture of both! Yusss” and then gave itself a self-hi5, much to my dismay (if I might add).

After much pondering (and eating), I let it be. This can be anything it wants to be, but let it be something that I can put into words. Let it be images that capture my amazing city, the best flukes that I photograph once in a blue moon or just another everyday event that I end up snapping at the right moment.

That brings me to the million-dollar question that has been running in my head (and maybe in quite a few of yours as well):

Why this? Why now?

I’ll just leave it here:

I guess I’ll have to start somewhere, we all do. All I can hope is that, just like any other perfectly honed skill, writing becomes one with my life.

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