API Gateway is a key to the success of API based Enterprise Integration

What is API Gateway?

API Gateway is a mediator for enterprise’s internally deployed APIs, externally deployed apis and vendor offered SaaS services apis.

API Gateway provides enriched features to enable the agile capabilities for microservices architecture in the enterprise.

API Gateway supports both inbound and outbound communications for apis.

What API Gateway is Not?

API Gateways are not a

  1. Web application pages proxy
  2. Global traffic manager

What are the typical applications that will use API Gateway?

Following are the typical applications that will use api gateway:

  1. Web portal applications
  2. B2B applications
  3. Smartphone applications
  4. Internet of things (IoT) applications

What are the key features for API Gateway?

API Gateway’s should have following key features:

  1. Authentication
  2. Unified security/single point for APIs security compliance
  3. Context based request routing
  4. High availability
  5. Multi-protocol supports
  6. Threat intelligence
  7. API request managements
  8. Data encryption/decryption

What are the key consideration for operationalizing API Gateway?

Following are the key considerations for operationalizing API Gateway

  1. API catalog for api discovery
  2. Self-Servicable
  3. Common data model
  4. Individual api level monitoring
  5. Daily api integration validation testing
  6. Service provider and Service consumer communication
  7. Ease to Use and Easy to Administer