Google Analytics for ecommerce

Google analytics is web based platform that is essential tool for your ecommerce store. It helps you to track your ecommerce website/store’s customers and audience visits easy by setup into your website.

If you are not setup correct then you will get down in your website ranking? First of all to learn How to use google analytics for your ecommerce store?

What is Google analytics?

Google analytics is a web based platform that tracks the website traffic and reports on the four areas namely audience, acquisition, behavior & conversions.

In general, these four areas are important for business as it will be useful in difference purposes. To be brief, you can get the reports of your website’s visitors, know where and how they reach your website, be aware about the activities of those visitors and finally it lets you to know whether they have been converted into sales lead or not.

Google Analytics for e-commerce business:-

When it comes to e-commerce business the areas focused by the Google Analytics reports are content, social, traffic sources, conversions and technology.

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