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I am waiting for you like rain to come, I am waiting...

I can feel the soft wind with humid air around me, it wakes the every cells of my skin when it passed by...

The smell of the soil awakes my soul that you are near by, my curious eyes become big, searching everywhere like a kid who is searching for his lost parents in a heavy crowd.

My heartbeat is beating with a beautiful rythm , my nerves are vibrating like the strings of yaazh, my breathe is going high and down like a music of flute, my…

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Chandru Maggi (Dancer, choreographer)

To be a dancer and choreographer is his dream from small age. So by finding a way he followed a person who is very famous in dancing, even though he might not satisfied or understood the purpose or way he dance, he told himself that person is the best because that guy has lot of views in social media, he is living a luxurious life and many people know him as a dancer. And he took him as his role model.

So he tried to copy role model moves and techniques and he started to follow…

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While searching the answer for this question, I understood myself that washing the skin doesn’t mean that we are clean. Wearing proper outfit doesn’t mean that we are good. If people start to understand this, there will be a peace and equality in this world☮.
We should look inside and remove the dust like bad thoughts, negative vibe, dishonesties,anxiety, rage, with happiness, integrity,loyalty, positive thoughts and positive vibe 😊. So we can say ourselves that we are clean and pure🍀.
So next time if you want to clean yourself or if you want to look good, instead looking only outside close your eyes look inside whether you are clean and then start the walk.
Because as Buddha said " you are not the body having soul, you are the soul💫 and you are having body"
#positive_thoughts #good_vibe #unity

Chandru Maggi

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