Snapchat vs. Google Photos

A fight no one is talking about.

There were plenty of image editing apps but only Instagram made it big. That’s because Instagram replaced your gallery and added the social factor into it.

There were plenty of messaging apps but only WhatsApp made it big. That’s because WhatsApp replaced your SMS app and added the social factor into it.

Following the trend, Snapchat took over your primary camera and added the social factor to it. I believe that is why Snap Inc. calls itself a camera company. And it’s working, at least for me. I rarely open my default camera now. I have replaced the camera shortcut with Snapchat and whenever I have to take a photo, I use Snapchat and save it to Memories. Memories, the feature that Snapchat added in 2016 is where Snapchat wants to go next. It wants you to capture your life as it happens, bundle them into daily stories, share them with your friends if you wish to, and add them in your Memories, over the cloud and save it forever (hopefully).

However, with 500 million users right now, Google Photos is trying to be synonymous with cloud gallery. Being a fan of Google ecosystem, all my photos are synced. But still, I can’t find that 10 second video where me and my friends are emptying three terribly smelling deodorant on another friend. Because that video is on Snapchat. And exporting videos from Snapchat is a mess. Then adding those videos to the camera folder and then syncing on Google is another step and feels redundant anyway.

So what do I do? I want to put things on Snapchat but I am not sure if will survive against Facebook and Instagram. So I also want to stick to Google Photos for reliability. So let’s compare the two:

Access: Google Photos is available across all your devices and web. As of now, you can’t watch your Snapchat Memories or stories on a desktop.

Google Photos 1, Snapchat 0.

Sharing: With every update, Google Photos is making it easier to share your photos with others. Just look at the recent update announced at Google I/O. But it is no where close to the photo sharing blizzard that Snapchat is. And with the new Custom Stories, it’s easier for everyone to keep a copy of an crowd funded story of an event in their Memories.

Google Photos 1, Snapchat 1

Image recognition: Google is killing it with it’s AI and image recognition. It can detect faces, places, and even objects already. With current pace of AI development, it is going to increase the functionality exponentially. However, Snapchat is not very far behind. It’s very undersold, but Snapchat allows you to search through your memories using places, things, or text associated with the image. (Note: For some reason, Google can search the photos of your dog if you type Dog in search but can’t pickup a photo from your mom’s birthday if even after you explicitly wrote it in the description box. But that’s just one small update away.)

Google Photos 2, Snapchat 2

I can add a few more comparisons based on which is more entertaining/engaging or which is more user friendly, but for now, let’s stick with the cloud facet of the two.

I think I am going to stick with Snapchat for now. If it falls, I will take a day or two off just to download and upload everything to Google Photos. But I can’t miss capturing and sharing moments and making memories. :)

I believe Snapchat is misunderstood. It’s being compared to Facebook and Instagram when it clearly states it is a camera company. I have faith in their CEO and hopefully they will keep on innovating and will not give up on their ideology just for gaining more users.

Till then, why is no one trying to replace your Music Player and adding something social to it, instead of just #NowPlaying?

— Chand Sethi.

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