Chapter 6:
Movement is eternal, even the immovable is moving:

“Which is the fastest moving object in the universe?”

Objects move at the speeds determined by the observer. Your speed is determined by the observer of your speed, not by you. Light moves at the speed of light, but no one knows that it is moving at such a speed because no one pays attention to it being taken for granted.

The observer thus determines everything. Now if you can become the observer while moving, you can increase your speed to any extent, isn’t it?!

This is the ultimate truth, your speed will increase the moment you are observing the doer who is none other than the observer itself. Once you can observe the observer in you, your speed will increase to a point where you become faster than light. You will become unbounded by time.

How do you observe the observer? By, knowing that there is nothing other than the observer, the universe is only a reflection of the observer who is creating the universe and that creator is none other than you yourself. The universe outside reflects the observer inside.

You need a mirror to look at the observer. And that mirror is nothing but your own external reality. Your outside, is your inside. So if your outside has some problems, observe it and it shall be fixed. How? No, it doesn’t come by introspection. It comes by observation of yourself, which is nothing but observing the universe outside. More you rooted in the present and more you observe….the more you can see your inside. Thats what buddha taught, be the present moment.

What does this chapter imply?
It means that you can do and be anything! An artist, rich businessman, a non doer, a peace lover, a politician, a successful athelete.. doesn’t matter what. You can be anything.. if you are aware of your inner world. Your inner dimensions. The observer who is you, will change himself when he is aware of himself, by being the present moment.

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