TutorFind continues to participate in OST Alpha Phase 3 Developer Challenge. (Blog#1)

Tutor Find is an online portal where tutors list their profiles and students post their requirements for tutors. if either tutors or students needs to see the contact details of others, needs to pay per contact to admin/company of the portal. We are using OST Kit services to mint the branded token(TUT) and tokenize the services of this portal. You can find more information about Simple token and developer challenge program.

Basically it provides the following functions:

 List tutor profiles to students. 
 List student’s requirements to Tutors. 
 Contact views by Students and Tutors. 
 Pay/Contact to Admin to the system. 
 Rewards to the reviews or upvotes on tutor profiles, and sharing it on social networks.

Developed in OST Kit PoC Phase 2:
 Simple website to test the transactions on OST block chain.
 Create user accounts and make transactions.
 Integrate website with OST v1 API to create users and transactions on blockchian.

Plan to Develop on OST Kit PoC Phase 3:
 1. Update the code to use the recently released PHP dev kit by OST team, so it’s easy adapt for the features developed by OST team.
 2. Support user interface for wallet balance.
 3. Support user interface to get transaction history from OST Ledger.

We will update the progress of our project here.

Thank You