13 Reasons Why You Need to “Watch 13 Reasons Why”

Still from the new Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why”

While this show is more so targeted at a young adult audience as the book was, no matter what age you are — even if you’re well past high school — this show is incredibly important to watch. It’s important because it confronts and discusses subjects that many shy away from because they’re scary to talk about:

Suicide, bullying, sexual abuse, sexism.

The fact that the characters are all in high school makes these subjects all the more upsetting, but maybe that’s because it’s so real.

With that being said, here’s why you need to sit down, grab a drink and begin this emotional roller coaster of a series:

(don’t worry, no spoilers)

1. It’s incredibly real.

2. It’s original (the show was adapted from Jay Asher’s novel of the same title, but the book/show in sum is seriously nothing I’ve seen or read before!)

3. The characters are easy to relate to. Maybe you’ll identify with just one of them, and maybe you’ll relate to certain aspects of all of them.

4. It’s modern, and doesn’t try too hard at being modern. If that makes sense?? I’ve seen far too many movies/shows about teens that are too obviously written by older people; the references, outfits, or jokes seem all too forced. That *thankfully* isn’t the case for THIS show.

5. It’s very diverse. It isn’t a completely white cast; the main characters come from all backgrounds — both racially and sexually, which is refreshing.

6. It’s accurate. While of course it still IS a TV show, so certain aspects are dramatized, 13 Reasons Why accurately depicts how cruel high school is/can be/was for many kids.

7. It’s brave. This show is unapologetic and doesn’t shy away from anything at all. Seriously. (Watch to know what I mean!!)

8. It makes you feel all the emotions. ALL OF THEM. Fear, uncertainty, sadness, anger, nostalgia, happiness, giddiness. And more.

9. It’s funny. It doesn’t try too hard to be either. It has sarcastic and snarky moments.

10. The performances are simply amazing. These are young actors, most of them being in the early 20s, some of them just barely being 20. However, their talent is truly astounding. They make the audience either pity, fall in love with, or hate them — which means they’re doing their job right! I want to see some awards for these guys.

11. The soundtrack is great. Each and every song is perfectly fitting to the scene, and the songs sound recent to the time, not outdated. They correctly chose songs that high schoolers WOULD definitely listen to!! (see reason 6)

12. It will stay with you. This is a show that will have an effect on you, one way or another. Personally, I’ll certainly be watching it again one day when I’ve recovered from the emotional damage it’s put me through!!

13. It’s just…simply important. For those who struggle with depression, bullying, sexual abuse, loneliness, feeling overwhelmed, and more. This show speaks to the people who either have experienced these things, or know someone who has. It might even change your perspective on the world.