Do These 3 Things to Look Great on Any Occasion

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Whether you’re on your way to a job interview or a going for a night out with friends (and on just about any other occasion) you can use the clothing you wear to project your own unique personal style in a way that turns heads but is still oh so classy.

With a little know-how, you can use something as simple as color and knowledge of your unique body shape to select clothing that accentuates your best features and gives you a polished look that sets you apart from the crowd.

Here are three simple tips for creating a show-stopping personal style:

Tip #1

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Find the Right Color

Choosing a palate of colors that is complimentary to your skin tone is essential to creating a one of a kind style that can seldom be duplicated. You can find colors that are in harmony with your natural coloring by first discovering your skin’s undertone.

You can find your skin’s undertone in one of two ways:


If your skin looks reddish brown it has red undertones and if it looks golden brown it has gold undertones. If your skin has a faint olive green tint it has olive undertones and if their skin looks rosy in color it has pink or peach undertones.

Silver Jewelry

If you’re still not sure put on a piece of silver jewelry. If a silver bracelet looks harsh and stands out so much that the focus is on the bracelet instead of your wrist you have warm undertones (red, gold or peach). If you put on a silver watch and it enhances the way your arm looks and harmonizes with your overall appearance then you have cool undertones (olive, pink).

Use your skin’s undertone as your guide:

Warm Undertones (Red, Gold, Peach)

Fuchsia, coral and turquoise are just a few of the warm colors that look great on people with warm undertones. Consider adding mustard yellow, electric blue or violet to your wardrobe.

Cool Undertones (Olive, Pink)

Pastel colors like lavender, soft pink and baby blue compliment the complexions of people with cool undertones beautifully. Cool colors like navy blue and steel gray make wonderful additions to the wardrobe of any with this skin coloring.

Purchase a color wheel from your local craft store or download a copy from the internet for the full range of colors that are complementary to specific warm or cool colors.

Tip #2

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Select Clothing that Compliments Your Body Shape

You can dress in a manner that makes you look your best by:

  • Learning which fabrics cling and which ones are more forgiving.
  • Learning the difference between dressing sexy and looking beautiful or feminine and when each look is appropriate.
  • Determining your body shape category. Are you an hourglass, rectangle, pear, oval or inverted triangle? Are you petite or tall? Are you muscular or lean?

Tip #3

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Learn About Different Clothing Styles

Choose your clothing style from one of the categories listed below. Find small changes you can make so that the style of clothing you like to wear to fits any occasion. For example, if you’re a casual dresser you can wear loafers instead of sneakers on a job interview and still retain your casual vibe:


Likes graphic tees, acid washed jeans and whatever on trend this season


Likes earth tones, wooden jewelry and wearing head wraps or turbans


Likes cardigan sweaters, cute slacks and prefers wearing flats or riding boots instead of sneakers


Likes jogging pants, hoodies and a comfortable pair of running shoes


Likes bold prints, bright colors, chunky jewelry and anything that sparkles


Likes floral prints, bows, lace, ruffles and anything “girlie”

You can look outstanding on any occasion when you learn what colors suit you best, how to select clothing that fits your body type and when you learn how to make clothing styles work for you.

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