Kick that bully out!

Picking up your little one from school. The air is just right, the birds are chirping, the clouds are nice and fluffy. As soon as the bell rings to dismiss the kids, you see your little one running towards you crying. Not the worlds best day for him or her. All these thoughts running through your head. You bend down and as him or her “ whats wrong honey”. Their response sends chills down your spine “ Mommy I’m being bullied”. No parent should have to go through this with their children but some don’t have a choice. Bullying is spreading from elementary schoolers to even college students. Everyone has at least bullied someone in some sort of way. Of course first things first you should go talk to the teacher and explain to her what your child has told you about the bully and see if the teacher could crack the bully. If not, then talk to your child. Tell them possible reasons why the bully is being the way they are. It could be the way the parents have raised that child or just something chemically wrong that no one has caught on until now. Take charge in your child’s life. Be their person to put their foot down when they are scared. Be the hero your kid looks up to! Bullying leads to depression in the long run. Save your child from this. KICK THAT BULLY OUT!