Lndr and OpenY

Chang Xiao
Nov 13, 2017 · Unlisted

Lndr (http://www.lndr.co) is a simple landing page builder aimed for digital marketers and storytellers alike. We are very proud to announce that in partnership with the Open YMCA (http://www.openymca.org) platform, YMCAs using Open Y will be able to create and publish Lndr landing pages in Open Y seamlessly.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of how Lndr works with Open Y platform.

Below are steps to get Lndr working with Open Y (in upcoming Open Y release)

  1. Sign up for a Lndr user account at https://www.lndr.co/users/sign_up

2. Go to your Lndr user profile and you will see your “API Token”

3. In your Open Y installation process, you can paste in the API token.

Please contact info@openymca.org or support@lndr.co and we will to unlock 2 YMCA specific templates that you can use to get started.