Gather around the campfire for Bob’s tales of wonder:

And lastly, of course, my own story. When I was 11, a tornado swept me up to a great height, where I was deposited on a mountaintop and learned the secrets of weather control from a kindly hermit. I descended prepared to live out my days as The Weather Man.

Cory fell into a hole in the ground on his farm when he was 10, leading to the land of the goblins. He managed to escape their clutches, and vowed revenge the only way he knew how, with the power of corn.

Knnerth was finger painting at the age of 6 when a live power line crashed down on his house, electrocuting him. He survived and gained the power to electrostatically charge any nearby pigments and telekinetically plaster them on villains as The Painted Eel.

Willie had to fight his way out of a paper bag at the age of 13. It took 7 hours, but at last he prevailed and took on the mantle of Black Michael Cera.

Peabo got his hands stuck in a food dehydrator at the age of 4, but went on to become the world's most famous tiny food chef.

Jess had both kneecaps shattered when a lorry carrying children's magic kits crashed into her parents' car. She went on to have them replaced by Etch-a-Sketch knobs, and now has the power to draw things into life, earning her the name Sketchpad The Great.

Kyle fell asleep in a bowl of Golden Grahams while watching the Spurs at the age of 7 and nearly drowned, but gained the powers of Tim Duncan and the consistency of a graham cracker.

Dick was kidnapped by pirates at the age of 8 and was fed only radioactive limes, giving him the ability to inflict scurvy on people at will by sapping the vitamin C from their bodies.

She accidentally swallowed a GPS when she turned 17. Now she leads a gang of tough, no-nonsense teen girls and fights crime. On the next Find My Dolls.

Marin was nearly smothered by an enormous pile of puppies and kittens at the age of 5. Now she kills with kindness.

Will was accidently coated in powdered sugar and left in an oven on 300° for 35 minutes at the age of 11. WillYum was born.

He actually died at 5 months old, but had already finished his PhD in paranormal studies, becoming Dr. Ghostbaby in the process.

He was kicked in the head by a horse and fell onto a cinder block, breaking it in half, and in the process becoming Karate Horse.

Bridget fell into a vat of Polaroid developing solution at the age of 7 and became...Selfie Girl!

...and that's how Chang came to be able to shoot fireballs from his eyes.

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