What is the worst form of racism?

Welcome to Hong Kong, one of few places in the world where immigrants are more privileged than the locals.

How much does an English language tutor cost in Hong Kong? A bit of research reveals the market price to be between $300 and $600 an hour.

A local friend says $250 is all she gets, despite years of tutoring experience.

A parent is offering $200. Their justification: I’m not white, and I have no experience. Sure, the experience part is debatable* and assuming zero experience, that should place me at the low end of the market.

But undercut me for not being white… are you fucking kidding me?

Growing up in Canada, the kids with the best English skills were overwhelmingly children of immigrants. And there is an objective reason: English as a Second Language (ESL). We learned English thoroughly, while most native speakers of English didn’t bother learning proper grammar or spelling. We also used it in everyday life. I can speak English better than both Cantonese and Mandarin as my de facto first language.

And speaking of Chinese (pun intended), an overseas Chinese like myself can leverage your kid’s native tongue to explain concepts in detail. A non-Chinese who’s fluent in Cantonese or Mandarin may not be fluent in Chinese culture. By common sense and logic, I am actually better than a white person teaching a Chinese person English.

In other words, I’m the best fucking combo of English tutor out there. I should be charging the upper tier. But no, thanks to Hong Kong’s outdated sense of white privilege, I am bring priced UNDER MARKET.

Pro tip: not all white people speak good English; in fact, English might not even be an official language in the EU soon. And the Filipinos you look down on? They can speak better English than most Europeans. It’s their native language.

I already know about this racism problem in Hong Kong and in Asia at large. A Russian friend managed to get a job tutoring English, despite having zero experience tutoring it, or speaking it.

I have experienced much worse. While working in Munich, some elderly nutcase sharing a bus ride with me told me to get the fuck out of his country and stop stealing jobs, reminding me that day was April 20th and it was The Führer’s birthday, only interrupted moments later by other young Germans who shooed him away and apologized to me.

In this case, there was no apology, no remorse, no shame!

The worst form of discrimination against your people is by your people. It’s a betrayal. Of all pains one can experience in life, this pain is uniquely painful.

Hong Kong culture may be part of my heritage, but this is why I will NEVER identify as a Hong Konger.

I hate white privilege.

I don’t want Asians to worship white people.

I don’t need Asians to look down on white people.

Asians must see white people as simply people.

If you hate white privilege too, please share and educate others. Thank you.

*And in case you were wondering, I do have experience. I have tutored students in advanced math and elementary German. But it doesn’t matter. Also, in case you were wondering if racism is suspected in this case… unfortunately, no it’s not. It was pretty damn clear in plain text. I teach because I am passionate to help eager students, and compassionate if the student was poor. But charge me less because I’m not white? Diu gaau lei sik si gau. Wondering how to say that in English? Perhaps hire a white English tutor ;)