Tips for Baby Boomers to Ensure Sports Safety

Adulthood brings with it the joys of life. Skiing and skating are the extreme sports which adults love to play. These are the sports which even the senior citizens love to play. But it is usually not recommended for the baby boomers to stick with the extreme sports, or at least with the intensity of that particular sport. If you are fit enough to play these sports but you are also about to be termed as ‘senior citizen’ in the next few years, you may want to reconsider the way you play these sports because you don’t want to end up being in emergency medical condition.

Preparing for skating and skiing

It’s good to be active while you are aged enough to be called a senior citizen. However, you need to take care of your body during these activities because natural resistance of the human body and muscle flexibility weaken with aging. Furthermore, bones and joints also lose their optimum strength. In this scenario, it remains to be the utmost necessity to make arrangements to keep the body secure while playing these extreme sports.

If you are a fond of skating in the park with your kids and you find yourself in a position to play this sport, you don’t need to quit the activity. You just need to make sure that you are cautious about your body condition as well.

According to statistics, skateboarding results in 50,000 hospital emergency visits in US. So, you need to suit up with the best protective gear for optimum protection during these sports. If you have not been wearing helmet in the past, now is the time you should seriously consider getting a helmet. A few things like proper buckle-fitting, snug fitting with pad support, no resistance in vision and hearing, and V-shaped straps should be taken into consideration while buying a helmet.

As far as skiing is concerned, you may feel pretty confident about this sport even if you are aged above 55 years. At this age, you may reduce the number of landings but you are definitely at the higher risk of getting injured.

According to Academic ski safety researcher Anne Terwiel, boots are the most important part you need to care about if you have plans for skiing. Terwiel says, “Good fit is essential for boots to be comfortable while doing the important job of transferring movement effectively to skis, especially skis with modern design and technology. But it’s not unusual to see Boomers wearing rear-entry boots from the 1980s. You can understand why. They’re easy to get on and off and ever soooo comfortable.”

Apart from the right equipment, getting the body reconditioned for these sports is really very important. For this purpose, you can join training classes but an equally important requirement is to stay in touch with a qualified chiropractor. The chiropractic treatment will not only help you prevent injuries but this care can also treat your existing issues.