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I barely start my article/speech with a caveat.

But here’s one:
the intention is NOT about bragging NOR indicating one job is more superior to another AT ALL.

From time to time, I will get the questions from either friends or recruiters on my experience in the past few years. It dawn on me that probably an article like this will be helpful to some; also, it’s good for me to look back and retrospect.

1st Job — 1x💰

I got my both Bachelor and Master Degree in Landscape Architecture.
I was proud of it and still am.
We, as students, had huge ambition while we were in school; imagining ourselves changing and improving people’s lives by designing public spaces that are perfect combinations of form and function. …

Traffic lights are being added at intersections

Probably you’ll laugh at me: I’m in my late 20s yet I’m still an “immature driver” — I am super nervous every time I drive.

Here’re the reasons:
- There’re a lot of cars on the road in Silicon Valley
- So many intersections being so close to each other — so are the highway exits
- As a foreigner (to US), it is already taking me extra time to process English (turn left, turn right, second from the right lane…)
- Not to mention for those exotic units of length — What does “in 0.2 …

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I was born and raised in China. Now I’ve been living in the US for 8 years.

In recent years, I found almost all my family and friends are into the app called 抖音 (DouYin). And for your information, its US/international version is TikTok.

I do not have 抖音or TikTok till today.
Because I know myself very well — I have weak weak will power.

So after hearing that all videos on TikTok are fairly short; and seeing how my friends and family are so addicted to one single app — I never had the courage to download it. I was afraid that:
- I will end up spending all my spare time there
- My attention span would get shorter and shorter (thanks to Youtube, mine is already fairly short… Can’t think of last time that I sat and read for hours)
- My videos get close-to-zero clicks and likes (my ego is…

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