Sharing some thoughts on 2018:

Don’t keep looking in your rear view mirror. If you’re wanting to RE-contract any areas of your life this year with different synaptic connections, there will come a shift of priorities.

Make it a raw soul-movement! Ask Spirit to continue to integrate, unwind, and clear all those 2017 lessons with awakening.

The illusion of fear may try to penetrate the truth..continue to walk through it’s shadow fearlessly with grace anyway, with understanding and soul guidance. Thank all the sentient beings who’ve helped you. Slow down. Listen to yourself. There’s a voice in there that tells the truth, and there’s a voice that wants to hear something else.. and those two always want go to blows with each other. Listen to the voice of truth, not the one that wants you to use up your time on this Earth in a pointless haze. Anything that doesn’t meet your Highest Good or the awesome way you know this journey can be is outta here. Kick it to the curb.

Fear can come along for the road trip — he’s always gonna show up, but he has to ride shotgun (or in the back) (or on the roof of the car like Aunt Edna) but he definitely can’t eat your snacks.* (lol *Liz Gilbert)

Been shitty to your body? Start a detox. Life gets pretty loud when your body is being neglected. Stop that. It’s your greatest ally. Don’t ignore it. Get back to a healthy state of vitality both nutritionally and gently. Don’t pressure yourself, as your body and emotions heal, be patient, your body knows the direction (even if its to the refrigerator for the third time before 9 am 😳)

Offer up this prayer to Spirit: “I can’t do it yet. Prepare me please — handle the how and when of it. Work on this *insert body ailment* independently while I work on healing my emotions. I am still here. Still a force on this earth. Angels stronger than ever supporting me. I’m going -just going slow. Listening to my body, letting the tears come, letting the pain come, sitting with it. Acknowledging it. Please unwind any identity that has been harassing me.”

Then bless all past experiences and release them lovingly.

Break old paradigms and cycles no longer serving you. Take a stand for yourself. Stop betraying yourself. Do not underestimate how extraordinary you really are- maybe you finally found the strength and courage to walk away from an unhealthy relationship? Or a blood sucking job? You are so brave. Walk through those shadows fearlessly. Even if you’re faking it, Fear is an asshole and a bully who doesn’t know any better.

Offer up a prayer for peace, acceptance, guidance, understanding, and clarity. Give gratitude to God, your Angels, your Light Team, Ancient Masters, Spirit Guides, and sweet Angelic Cherubs, miracles and Divine Interventions. Realize that by simply moving and feeling your way through your personalized dance of life, that all the answers are already inside you- everything you need to know is right there. You have had the recipe this whole time.

Be enthusiastic and joyous about any decisions you may have to reinvent yourself. Maybe go back to school or switch careers, have a baby or move to the other side of the world?

Look forward to continuing to re-birth or RE-parent yourself- this is the sweetest gift you can ever give yourself, maybe be the love you never got?

Tap into your survival pattern of intuitive guidance. Inject some new life blood into your existing projects. Give yourself credit where it’s due. Be a lighthouse for others.

No matter what you’re experiencing, If you’re going through divorce, loss of a loved one, miscarriage, a new home, job, relocating, whatever transformation surrounds you, my best advice is to start courting Grace and Gratitude. Whatever the circumstance, give thanks in everything — Set the stage, expecting that Spirit will come through with certainty. With clarity comes a burning desire to see this gift of life from that place of light within. This is the lens of love beyond our physical eyes allowing the gift of compassion to remind us there is much love here for us.

“Life….don’t miss it while you’re still alive”

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