In reading the Susan Fowler piece… it’s clear to me how women have become their own worst enemies.
Ryder Spearmann

Why do some men need laws to keep them from abusing women and power? Why do some men need a “decency pledge” to hold them accountable for being decent? It’s quite shameful really.

You can think whatever you want, it’s how you ACT or don’t act that makes the difference.

It’s not appropriate to make a pass at someone who is applying for a job, man or woman. It’s also inappropriate for a manager to proposition a new hire. At that point it’s not about having sexual needs (really, there are plenty of porn & swingers sites for that), it’s about showing your power over someone else.

I know it’s difficult for you to understand as someone who has probably never had to deal with being constantly sexualized when you just want to do your job, or walk down the street, or be with your partner. But you need to have some restraint or find a place where your actions are welcome.