A Change For My Life… From the beginning- Weeks 1–9

Chapter 3- A Mans Best Friend

Perhaps this chapter should have been titled honesty, to make this journey a success it requires a huge dose of honesty.

I’m talking about you being honest with yourself about where you are and where you want to go, don’t be fooled when it comes to being honest with yourself, most of us are not, we make up excuses to tell ourselves that things are not as bad as they seem, in fact everywhere we look we are being deceived by ourselves.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and while you may not be overly impressed with aspects of yourself, you start to tell yourself it’s acceptable, only to find that elusive photo that someone had snapped of you at a family function or out with friends and they send it to your phone and you take a look and go, WTF, no way is that me that is not the same person that i see in the mirror.

Honesty comes in all shapes and sizes and in different forms, let’s face it we all turn to our family and friends and expect some honesty, however to be honest can be hurtful and emotional and most friends and family will avoid it, that includes telling you the truth about your weight and health.

This comes back to our own honesty about who we are and what we have become, a change in lifestyle has to come with honesty for you, no more telling yourself lies, be honest and only then can you look to move forward and reach your goals….NO MORE LIES!

So why did i title this chapter a mans best friend and how does that relate to honesty and more importantly the topic of exercise and output of energy.

We all know that a mans best friend is a dog, well some may debate this however the term is synonymous with the dog, it is my experience that my dog has become my personal trainer, instead of getting a call on my phone from the personal trainer telling me i need to get my ass into gear, i just need to look at my feet and see my dog looking at me to take for that walk, amazing how he operates like clockwork without the aid of modern technology.

Talk about keeping me honest, we walk around 30 minutes a day during the week and then 1 hour on the weekends.

I have been doing this since the start of my journey and have only missed a walk twice during that time.

If that were all i needed to do then i guess it would be pretty easy right, it takes a bit more effort than that to expel enough energy to assist in reducing weight.

My Gymnasium experience in the next chapter……………………….

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