One step closer to our vision: Change token sale has ended.

Change Invest
Oct 18, 2017 · Unlisted

One of the most exciting chapters in our story has come to an end. Over 5,600 people from all over the world have joined our movement and contributed a total of $17.5 million.

We would like to thank everyone from our vibrant community for all your support and encouragement. Our team is committed to launching a truly revolutionary platform that will change the world of finance, and we are honored to have you on board.

Change help centre

In response to the large number of inquiries, we created an easy to use portal where we will answer the most frequent questions we receive. Visit the help centre. We will update the list of questions regularly.

Token transferability

Your Change Tokens (CAG) are now transferable! In case you have any questions about how to move your tokens, simply reach out to the team.

Total token supply

A total of 79,184,115.8156 CAG were created during the token sale. There were no unsold tokens.

CAG listed on exchanges

We are currently in private negotiations with several exchanges, and we expect to make a public announcement in the upcoming weeks.

Affiliate and bounty rewards

If you have participated in our affiliate or bounty programs, don’t forget to claim your rewards by completing this survey. Individuals who have used unfair methods (e.g. Twitter bots) will not be rewarded.

Change Wallet launch

We are currently in late stages of product development in design. As promised, our App will launch in December, and we will be announcing a much needed rebranding soon!

A special thanks to all our supporters, advisors, and partners, who contributed in making our token sale a success!

Change Team


Change Invest

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