Underfutures Episode 2: Coming Attractions—Utopia and Dystopia in Film and TV

Links and liner notes.

TV and film award season is upon us, and the chatter around science fiction and films and TV depicting near and far futures has never been more intense. If you’re into these topics, or more generally utopia and dystopia in Western pop culture, Underfutures has you covered.

Episode 2 is now live, and features an expanded panel, including Madeline Ashby, Susan Cox-Smith, special guest Joanne McNeil, and me, Scott Smith. In this episode, we discuss some notable films and TV shows from 2018, a few throwbacks (see below) and how they both reflect and shape our current states of mind about the future.

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Below are links of interest and clips, based on our discussion in this episode.

Sleep Dealer trailer

On Utopia and Dystopia

Madeline Ashby at FutureEverything 16.

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