We launched a global Observatory on the Business for Impact movement composed of a study led with the French Institute for Public Opinion (IFOP) — including interviews with over 300 CEOs in France, Spain and Germany, and an overview of the state of the movement (laws, key players, initiatives, etc.) in 8 European countries.

This study allowed us to identify numerous trends about how companies integrate social impact in their business… or not. We wanted explanation on thoses “key figures” so we decided to ask CEOs directly !

Check out the interview of the Chairman of BlackRock in France , commenting on this key figure from the IFOP study : “+60% leaders claim that their company added social and environmental criteria to their performance indicators”. Which means 40% more to convince!

More on https://www.changemaker-companies.org/

Changemaker Companies

Founded by @Ashoka (global network of #Social #Entrepreneurs) and co-led wit @YliosConsulting to support #companies in their #journey towards #societal #impact

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