Summary of the event during Gdynia Design Days

Design talks Business / Gdynia Design Days 2018 / Day 2 Error Challenge / photo: Łukasz Strenk

Design talks Business 2018 is over now. We are all set to develop and build up on what was commonly created during the event this year : motivation to take action, practical knowledge, newly made connections & inspiration.

We want to enable you to share what you have learned and gained in Gdynia with your customers, teams or friends. Thanks to participants, the value created on the verge of business and design gains practical meaning & spreads widely. We believe that Design talks Business community grows in power, meaning & value — that gives us solid foundations to design future editions of the event,meet and interact vividly again.

Guidebook that you’ve just opened is our way of looking into the future and making use of the energy created by participants of our event in Gdynia this year. The content gathered here is there for you, either you joined us during these two intense days or not. What you will find here intends to deepen both the official and non-formal interactions of this year ’s Design talks Business. Among crucial areas touched in multiple discussions, Error reigned. Error that forces us to reflect and seek for common ways and solutions. We’ve talked about profit and loss accounts, but also touched the potential that lies within social and environmental value generation — what makes businesses good for employees, customers and future generations. Some of the articles to be found in the publication make it an actual guidebook. You will get a chance to read about effective methods of working in a project team, useful tools for idea generation or effective communication between designers & entrepreneurs.

Design talks Business / Gdynia Design Days 2018 / Day 1 / photo: Łukasz Strenk

Our goal is also to lead your attention to Gdynia Design Days festival as a whole and express our gratitude for the organisers that gave us the framework and space to talk about the role and the potential of design in business. The support and trust Change Pilots received working on various stages of the event allowed us to focus on the foremost — our relation with you - the participants understanding your core needs and translating them to the programme and the atmosphere of the event. We believe Design talks Business 2018 is a result of a collective effort— newly made relations & unexpected meetings make the greatest value along the fresh inspirations & new tools you have learnt. We proved ourselves right that the space where the paths of change agents, entrepreneurs and designers meet holds the greatest value of our event.

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Text: Henryk Stawicki, co-founder of Change Pilots