Thought: I think it’s awfully funny how Clinton and Trump have so much animosity between each other... trump all of a sudden has a problem with the allegations Bill Clinton faced when women came forward and said he had raped or sexually assaulted them , and how Hillary laughed at the 12 year old girl who was raped by a person Hillary was representing ... yet they were ALL "FRIENDS" at the time that all of this was going on . The photo graphs can show that . The simple fact that these 2 people sat on these repulsive things that took place , and now have a problem with it is sickening . Trump is sexist , racist , doesn’t pay taxes , and cultivating a huge division in America . Hillary doesn’t care about minorty , she was never for gays ,blacks , mexicans , or equality . She has changed her views and beliefs for the position she wants . She is blinding us with lies and telling us what we’ve been hoping to hear since slavery ... We’re talking about 2 evil , malicious, no remorse , and GROTESQUE individual’s . The same 2 people that are driven by violence , lies , secrets , false intentions , and war craved . The simple fact that it has come down to these dolts to be president just shows how twisted , malice , and polluted AMERICA really is . America has always been a country that was built off of minority , not once was America great . I mean if you consider slavery, genocide , and war as actions of victory as America being great then you’re part of the problem . In a world where one color is the right color ... you are so fast to defend the flag but not the declaration, and human rights for ALL . In the end you’re money crazed, gready,war loving, lazy, narcissistic, racist, one sided , barbaric Americans who’s worth is as pittyful as the materials made from that flag . It’s sad that minority fight for a country that doesn’t fight for us . I support the troops , and appreciate their sacarfice . I myself come from a family full of military back ground, so please don’t get the wrong idea that I hate America , because I don’t …I simple hate the ways America works .