[RC car]

目前正在準備我的演算法實作平台,RC car

筆電安裝中! (2017–05–18)

  1. Ubuntu 系統: 
     64bit,RAM > 4G, 請安裝Ubuntu 16.04 以及ROS Kinetic — (Desktop-Full Install)
  • ROS 基本操作 (Kinetic ver.)
  • Odroid XU4 基本操作 (Ubuntu 16.04 with Mate desktop)
  • Laser Based 2D SLAM (Gmapping, Hector slam, MPRT slam)
  • Laser Odom fused with IMU (EKF:robot localization pkg.)
  • Navigation Stack Setup
  • Communication between Odroid and Arduino
  • Base controller for Car’s speed/steering
  • Localization (AMCL)
  • System overall intergration
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