An annual big event for GNOME users and developers happened at Gothenburg, Sweden in last week. Luckily, I could attend GUADEC 2015 and have a chance to meet old and new friends there. This was my second time GUADEC though, I was not able to hide my excitement toward the event. This is because my first GUADEC held in 2013 still remains as a very good memory. Bleeding edge GNOME technologies, experiencing new cultures, making/meeting friends and enjoying local foods were there for me. Ah, of course, I should not forget to mention local beer. ;)

The venue of GUADEC 2015 for core days

Core conference, BOFs and Social events

GUADEC consists of three parts, core conference, BOFs and social events.
Core conference is a set of typical lectures about GNOME technologies such as GTK+, glib, gstreamer, WebKitGTK+ and so on. This is a good chance to learn bleeding edge technologies which GNOME developers is working on. Personally, Behdad’s font session was the most impressive. When he said “It(Emoji) is text”, I felt a kind of catharsis. It was a great job.

Behdad is showing a demo on his work.

You can watch all session videos in YouTube.

BOF is hackers’ time. You can discuss and hack on whatever you’re interested in with other GNOME developers. There were many interesting sessions though, I did not participated in anything at this time.

Picnic at slottskogen in gothenburg, Sweden

GUADEC is an event for not only developers, but also hobbyist and users. Several social events were arranged as usual. Going for a picnic to Slottskogen, a largest(perhaps?) garden in Sweden, annual football match with attendees and hangout in a local pub were such fun. I also really enjoyed them.

Gothenburg city tour

Volvo museum
Lego car

It is not an ordinary chance to travel Sweden. So I tried to look around the city in my spare time as much as possible after the core days. Especially, gothenburg was an exciting place for me, such an automania. Because Volvo, well-known car manufacturer was born in this city. So I went to the Volvo museum first after the conference and it did not disappoint me. There were so many volvo cars, boats I had not ever seen. And documentaries and exhibits were much helpful for me to understand the history and the philosophy of the brand.

On top of that, gothenburg is a very beautiful city as is. Just working around streets made me happy. Clean streets, traditional buildings along with modern ones, several parks, active markets… there was nothing to just pass by.

Finally, I would like to thank all sponsors for making GUADEC 2015 happen. Also I really appreciate the travel assistance from GNOME foundation. It was impossible that I could join in the great event without your support.

Thank you very much.

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