What I Learned With Python In 2 Weeks..

Not exactly a question.. However I owe a few people a thanks for answering some of my questions along the way!

Over the winter I decided to pick up coding again. I am a golf professional by trade, but have always loved computers. I dabbled in Python years ago before college and never went any farther.

This is what I learned to do in two weeks time..


I currently forget 90% of what I learned, because I have not been doing anything with Python, as the summers are really busy for me. However over the winter, I’ll hope to learn more and rewrite the above so it is cleaner.

Just want to share so anyone new here can see what is possible with just a few hours hard work!

Thanks for all the help!


Thanks for the all the responses! I figured I’d take some time to answer some questions..

  1. I didn’t really read any book.. I used Code Academy for the basics, until realizing that the syntax was slightly different because there’s was based on 2, and I was using 3. Not sure if they have updated it since then. I really just used YouTube, and web resources like reddit. I really liked TheNewBoston on YouTube, he does a nice job of short little tutorials. There was also another professor from some college who went through and built a simple numbers game.. That seemed to help me a lot. I really like listening to the reasoning behind why certain parts of code are written a certain way.
  2. No, I don’t know any other languages.. I can write some HTML. Like the Old stuff, not the HTML5 stuff. I mean real basic. I can also read/edit some PHP but don’t think I’d have a clue writing from scratch.
  3. Thanks for the comments on how to improve it also. Yes 900 lines is nuts just for Wheel of Fortune.. Some things I want to improve on when I write it again.. Listing all the phrases/people/things/places in a separate text file and reading it into a list and having it choose a random one. That way the code could not be seen when playing to give the answer away. Also, I want to set the AI difficulty to a user variable instead of the way it is now.. Actually there are bits of code that I put in to try to accomplish that and I just never got to it.
  4. One of the best ways I learned was to just look at stuff other people wrote. Some of it was games, some of it wasn’t. Like the read/write file stuff. I tried to pick something to build that was difficult but didn’t seem impossible. Also, my fiance’ loves WOF so it was a positive she could play it and let me know when it broke.. Which it did a lot at times. Haha.

Hope that helps some people!

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