The Past, Present and Future of Adobe’s Design Tools
Geoff Teehan

As a fresh start XD may have been, XD looks me too Sketch wanna be approach of Adobe is no commitment to the end user.

What Adobe actually could have done was empower Fireworks, their best prototype tool, made it sleek, drop few remaining bloat (compared to PS) and streamline it to the modern work flow which still produces industry best JPG and PNG exports.

I am sure there were pretty much got lost due to Fireworks discontinuations, I still use a copy for some mockups but switch to Sketch and few other random tools.

After Macromedia Freehand, Fireworks was my long standing last Adobe surviver to ditch.

As it happens most new guys I know in design in software use no Adobe software though press print guys do as usual. Though CC subscription numbers are good it was a opportunity lost for Adobe loosing the old timers in the run.

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