#thisis2016 As an Asian Woman

Apparently, my name is “Ching Chong” but I like to be called egg roll. I’m “pretty for an Asian girl”. Probably a slut though since I’m not “weak, meek, and mild”. I definitely want to be in your concubine.

Elderly gentleman, it’s not weird at all when you tell me your stories about the Asian women you had affairs with during the war. Really, it makes me feel like you get me.

Drunk guys when you tell me you want “some Asian p#$$y” and other vulgar things, that’s not scary. I totally feel safe when you follow me down the street at night saying this.

And hey, former housemate, my Korean American friend thanks you for noticing what a lucky guy he is because he was able to get a white woman. High five.

I’m not really that cool, so non-Asian guys must like me because they have an Asian fetish.

Yo, creepy dudes, my friends and I love it when you lick your lips and tell us we’re “ethnic and hot” then follow us into the bathroom. Really, we most certainly want to take turns hooking up with you.

My eyes do give me wider peripheral vision.

Certainly, I am better at math than you, just naturally.

I am a kungfu master. And yes, I am fantastic at speaking English, my first language.

(Thank you to all my amazing Asian lady friends who endure these aggressions and all the others who help defend against them–me love you long time!)


In response to: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/10/nyregion/to-the-woman-who-told-my-family-to-go-back-to-china.html?_r=0

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