Janet Schijns
Mar 20, 2016 · 1 min read

Ok….time for me to just say it — it seems like every article I read these days about diversity is slightly less encouraging. Now before anyone gets all outraged please don’t get me wrong there are tons of great intentions, success stories, and legions of people saying this matters. And clearly the stats show diverse teams perform better, deliver higher profits and achieve greater things.

And yet…..according to just a few items I’ve seen this week:

  • It will take until at least 2100 to achieve pay and leadership equality.
  • Less women are in leadership roles than a decade ago
  • Double the number of women drop out of tech (compared to men)
  • There is yet another glut of “women events” again this week

So, I think I need to ask — what’s happening here? How can we agree it’s good for business, people, the world and yet still be so far behind? Thoughts? ideas?

Janet Schijns

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