Digital Story: College Route

The reason I am choosing the college route is because I am not doing a service learning this semester. I also believe that in doing to college experience in school, self, and community, I will learn a lot about things that I might have not known before.

Here are some ways I will be gathering this information: taking videos when I go to student activities, community outreach, and extra curricular that I am in. I am also interested in posting a question and asking random people what their thoughts are.

Questions for my initial research: How has this group benefited me in being in this community? What kind of experiences have I had with these people? What are things that I learned and observed while being a part of it? What are the values, strengths, and academic roles of this activity? How do others compare to me as an individual? How do others feel being a POC, queer, and heterosexual being a part of this community?