When you look at this title, you might thought i was talking about the “loop” that means a shape produced by a curve that bends round and crosses itself. But I’m not actually talking about that loop. The loop i was talking about actually meant a sequence of instruction s that is continually repeated until a certain condition is reached. I will be writing two examples of loops that you might want to know, but if you keep reading on.

First example, imagine a tiny robot insect that can goes into your body and kills your cancer cell, it solves lots of problems! It can make your cancer cells killed and then you’ll be fine! But sometimes it’s also dangerous, because if the tiny robot insect is out of controll and stucks in your body and didn’t come out? It will cause a big trouble, and you might even die in accident! But i still think high technologies are usefull and will improve through each year, and i also believe it will soon be invented one day.

Second example of a loop is a fire-detecting self-driving drone is a drone that flies by itself above forests trying to find fires. I think it’s very usefull and it helps firefighters find fires without risking their life. But it can also cause some trouble! For example the fire detecting self-driving drone flew into the forest and then disappears? You might never find it! Many things can be helpful or useful, but the same time it could be dangerous! So i think sometimes you should believe in high techs but sometimes you don’t.

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