Yesterday’s lesson about debugging

Yesterday the teacher told us about debugging, first i don't know what he meant, but then i realize that debugging means to fix a coding mistake. Then the teacher let us played a game and we need to seperate into 2 groups. The rule is that the teacher is going to give us the picture, and then we write one code, pass to the other, the group who finish the fastest wins. First our group went a little slow, then we found out that we can use a simpler way and faster way to do it. For example, if you want to do move forward 3 times, you can write like this (move forward 3) Then you dont need to write the word move forward three times. At last, our group didn’t won, but its ok, as long as everyone have fun. Also, team work is very important, because when one person gets wrong everyone gets wrong, and you will lose, so everyone has to cooperate with eachother to get to win!