Chantaléa Commin “What if they were black ?”

This artist replaced all the white people in the Most Famous Paintings of All Times that have transcended time and culture, with … black ones ! Stunning !

Why paint them black ?

In most of the best art museums, like the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Pinakothek Museum in Munich, the Prado Museum in Madrid, the Tate Gallery in London, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and the Vatican Museum in Rome, as well as top public galleries in America, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, everywhere, the most famous paintings of the old world have been done by white males for white males… They’re all european faces, of course, painted by Old Masters… Empower black people, leaned towards representing black people because that what almost a quarter of the world’s population identify with… She just want to meet again those beautiful images with people she can relate to…
And she admits that it is a very funny and playful exercise too!

Finding the right clothes, background and accessories, according to the context is like making the control over a period movie !!! 
That’s exciting !

Chantaléa Commin. Mona Lisa is black/”Paint it Black” série 2016. La joconde de Vinci

The wooden box “Joconde noire”, object of art, is exposed and visible at the museum of fine arts of Saint-François in Guadeloupe, since December 2017.

Chantaléa Commin. American Gothic are black/”Paint it Black” série 2016. American Gothic de Grant Wood, 1930
Chantaléa Commin. Crying Girl is black/”Paint it Black” série 2016. Crying Girl (Roy Lichtenstein, 1964
Chantaléa Commin. Sainte-Catherine is black/”Paint it Black” série 2017. Sainte-Catherine
Chantaléa Commin. Black’s Melancholy /”Paint it Black” série 2017. Edvard Munch Melancholy

Chantaléa Commin. Venus is black/”Paint it Black” série 2016. Sandro Botticelli :”La Naissance de Vénus”, 1499

Chantaléa COMMIN


  • Exposition collective, salon des artiste, médiathèque de Montrouge, 1993
  • Exposition collective “L’art dans la ville”, Bagneux, Hts de Seine, Ile de France, 1996
  • Manifestations culturelle alternative, La Miroiterie, rue de Ménilmontant, Paris XXème, 1999
  • Happening “Touzarzimut” de Geneviève Livovschi, Destreland, 2013
  • Exposition Artshop, MAJALA, Galerie T&T Jarry, déc 2015
  • Exposition d’objets d’art “Paint it black”, MAJALA, T&T Jarry, déc 2016
  • Exposition de dessins et installation Pool Art Fair Martinique, Hôtel Impératrice, Fort de France, 02 déc 2017,
  • Exposition d’objets d’art, Artshop, T&T Jarry, 21 déc 2017
  • Exposition personnelle, “A corps perdus, esthétique du corps décati”, Dessins et installation, Galerie T&T Jarry, 28 déc 2017
  • Entrée d’un des objets d’art “La Joconde noire” au Musée des Beaux-Arts de Saint-François, déc 2017