· During your own education, how has your “intelligence” been assessed?

My intelligence was tested based on my ability to reproduce information solve math problems etc. I consider myself a creative person and many many times I was even penalized for that. Einstein said creativity is intelligence having fun. How true it is today when I realize the myth about intelligence.

· How has this affected the educational opportunities you have been given?

In a major way because our education system is so short sited and hasn’t changed in 40 years . there is only room for science based or business based education Most of our student like myself fall in between. So my choices were limited and I had little room to experiment. Leaving me to feel often that I had failed when I didn’t meet the standard set I want to avoid this as a teacher but I realize the educational system MUST change for that to happen.

· What judgments have people made about you that have been affected by an assessment of your “intelligence”?

I remember vividly my math teacher asking me why I was in his class , he had not expected me to take math as a choice subject. Because he felt I lacked the intelligence. Later on I didn’t continue advanced courses in math. Many have stories like that involving teachers telling them they couldn’t do something. Including the story of my coworker who was told not to take a certain university course because the advanced mathematics would be to hard for her. She didn’t go.. She ended up being a Math teacher.

· Do you consider yourself to be a “learner”? why?

Yes Im a learner, I know this because I am a teacher. To be one you must be the other and vice versa. People who are good learners will teach others , not in a classroom but in other ways. Teachers will always have to keep learning and they will enjoy doing so.

A good teacher is an expert learner first!