Does Louder Marketing Get Heard More?

Have you ever seen someone trying to communicate with someone who speaks another language than themselves by speaking louder as if the increased volume will make their gibberish more understandable to the baffled listener? That’s what a lot of companies do when they are marketing.

People generally hate ads, so what do we do? We find more ways to advertise. Just when someone has found a sacred space, a haven from marketing bombardment, that space begins to have advertising spaces that are irrelevant to most of the users. This makes me wonder about how do we go about developing trust and credibility? I had one very successful marketer email me to say “Hey, we’ve been marketing to you and you’re not buying. What’s up? This costs us money!” My response? Unsubscribe. People tell me how wonderful this guy is and I withhold my comments because he’s making millions so he must be appealing to quite a few people. I figure I’m not part of his target market.

So between unwelcome ads and being admonished or chastised by a person whose e-mail you chose to subscribe to, I wonder what is the best way to communicate with my customer. Messages are like bombs, we consumer hear them coming and duck out of the way. But the old statement “lend me your ears” is more important today than in any other time. We want to hear something relevant. We will notice something fascinating and brilliant and we will consciously choose to connect. People and small businesses will always be receptive to someone who goes through the effort of saying the right thing at the right time and meaning it. It’s time to know who you’re talking to.

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Have a solid day!