One Thing Changed My Life

Back in August 2016, I was frustrated about being "too broke" for anything. Now mind you, I didn’t have horrible spending habits. I simply didn’t have a plan. After 5 years of renting and 10 years of post divorce losses, I’m closing on my own home 11 months after having a plan for rebuilding my financial life. As I pack in preparation for moving into my new home, I thought about what got me here.

A Mindset Change

While I’ve become a great money steward during the last 11 months, I no longer see myself as "too broke" for anything. Not anymore.

I focused on mastering just one thing and got many related things: peace of mind, lower blood pressure (not kidding!), easy communication, more professional networking, better problem solving, and so much more.

The one thing I focused on was my financial empowerment. Not weight loss, not love life, not writing a book or speaking in public. Those are some of the many things that I still desire. Within the one thing, I focused on paying my bills. This meant no new debts. This meant having money in savings, no unnecessary purchases.

This also meant I had to have gratitude for my job. I now look at my employers as those who invest in me. I became more engaged in my daily work. Through my job, I started to wonder how I could be of more service. I reached across and above and below to connect with everyone within the context of my "job". My "job" became a calling. This was not part of the plan I originally had in mind, but I became inspired to connect more and be more engaged. Did you read that last sentence? I repeat: I. Became. Inspired.

Growth Happens

Like the thousand-petaled lotus, lo and behold, I was blooming where I was. I’m still blooming and regenerating. I’m a happy eternal student/teacher and a servant/leader. It all started with a heart full of dreams and starting with one thing. At work, ideas flow, plans get made and are executed. Improvements happen. In my personal life, I have bigger financial goals and even more inspiration to serve more people.

Choosing Your One Thing

Your one thing can be whatever you need to take care of in order to take care of the next thing. Once you pick one thing, stay with it until you develop your own self discipline. Don’t worry about the outcome. Just point to where you want to go and hang on despite your mind’s tendency to want to jump to something else. For example, a professional race car driver becomes a homeowner, wife, mother etc. But she is known by the one thing she does: driving faster than anyone else!

You Are the Driver

You are the driver on the most valuable road called your life. Most are trying to achieve many goals at once. Achieving many things happens along the road. Be patient with yourself. Have laser focus and soon you’ll see that you will end up with something better than what you had intended; one gift called self mastery.

The Next Thing for Me

After getting settled into my home, I’m going to focus on my fitness level by cranking that up to a more athletic level.

What is your “one thing” that you will commit to today?

Recommended Reading

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by authors and real estate entrepreneurs, Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan.