The Magic of Choice

One day, a man walked into a home improvement store and went to the paint department. There, he saw an employee engaged in the tedious process of stocking the shelves and reorganizing the merchandise. As he looked around for the item he came to purchase, he overheard the employee say, “What kind of magic can I create today?” The man was intrigued by such an interesting statement, especially since her task couldn’t possibly be the source of such inspiration. He said to her, “That’s a beautiful question to ask yourself.” To which she replied, “I wasn’t asking myself.”

Isn’t it wonderful to have a mind so full of positivity, belief and imagination that the very words that spill out are no less than magical? How many of us have expressed dissatisfaction about our jobs, or complained about the lack of fulfillment in our lives when we could have been approaching things from another perspective. Everyone is capable of feeling miserable about their current circumstances. It is equally true that anyone and everyone has the capacity to turn any situation around. There is one key that is required. From the time we are born, we are all handed this key to make our lives magical. This one key allows us to choose to create our world every day.

That key is just one thing. Some call it free will. Others call it freedom of choice or the freedom to choose. At any given moment, unless there is some biological impairment such as severe brain damage, we are all capable of choosing. The power of choice comes from awareness that one can indeed choose. To start the awareness process is not complicated. It only requires dedication to your development and to your growth. The best way to connect with your innate power is to first become aware of where you are, what you are doing, and what kind of self-talk you engage in. Take time to journal your personal insights on some paper by asking yourself these three questions:

  • Do you participate in activities that are harmful to you?
  • Are you in a physically or mentally harmful place?
  • Do you speak to yourself as if you were your own friend or do you constantly berate yourself?

You can use a notebook if you like, but just plain paper and pencil will do. I recommend writing by hand versus using the computer because there is a deeper process that takes place in the brain when you form the letters with your own hand. If you find this to be too difficult, don’t let that stop you. Just use a hybrid system. Write a topic sentence or a title on a page. Then, journal in your computer making sure you link it to the phrase or word that you wrote down. You may choose to number each. For example, # 1 on your paper corresponds to #1 on you computer entry.

This activity will bring conscious awareness to how you are creating the circumstances of your life. With this kind of awareness you will be able to recognize the choices you have been making. Being armed with this information will allow you to make your life a magical experience.

I extend to you the challenge to fully experience life’s journey and grow with me!

Chantal Debrosse is a stress management specialist. In her mission to empower others, she provides weekly posts on stress management and productivity. To learn more, follow Chantal Debrosse on Medium.

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