The Power of Authenticity

I just wanted to tell you about the experiences that I’ve been having lately. I wanted to lose weight, eat right, exercise and just change my life for the better. My 30th high school reunion was coming up in 10 weeks so I looked up an old classmate online and, lo and behold, the man had written a book and was flying through career accomplishments. I thought “Hey, where’s the book I was always going to write?” I saw that he was speaking at various places and I thought “Hey, where are my speaking engagements?” I saw he had a blog and I thought, “Hey, where’s my blog?” You see, I was not trying to be like him. He just reminded me of all the things I have wanted to do and have not done! I saw that he had been on this positive trajectory and had not wavered very much, if at all. I thought, this is amazing and wonderful.

So, the young girl in me was ignited and felt so happy to come out and play in the endless possibilities of life. This was sparked by one man being himself. I didn’t see him in person with my physical eyes or talk to him or correspond with him. That was not necessary. Whatever guides him guides me too. The spirit of “all-that-is” is the spirit in us all. So next time you see someone who is where you imagined yourself to be, ask yourself if you are fully being yourself today. Are they doing things the way you would like to do things? Are they living the life you always dreamed you would live? If so, I recommend that you do something about it.

You already know what your present path is giving you. If that is not what you want, then go back to what gave you fire and passion. Let that person you admire change your life through your perception of their genuineness. Listen carefully, I said “your perception” of their genuineness. No one is perfect. Your newly found idol may be struggling with their own obstacles. That doesn’t matter. Tap into that part of them that you admire. Use the power of your imagination to allow yourself to know what to do and how to do it. Then, take action. Soon, you too will be inspiring someone.

Oh, and by the way, in the last two weeks I lost eight pounds, started a blog, got a twitter account, started linking my blog postings on Facebook and applied for a business license just to make sure everything is done right. Now, that is the power of tapping into your own authenticity.

I extend to you the challenge to join me in life’s journey and grow with me! 
Here’s to your dynamic development

Chantal Debrosse is a stress management specialist. In her mission to empower others, she provides weekly posts on stress management and productivity. To learn more, follow Chantal Debrosse on Medium.

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