Snow — I love you so. The quiet in between trees when you have been falling for days, is a sound of silence so loud, that my soul cries for nothing else but inwardness. A communal solitude that can only be reached by you and I. You make the air so fragile that my skin forms a gentle layer of ice crystals, which vaporize right away and stay hidden behind evanescence. Leaving a hue of sparkle behind. An untouchable shade of diamond.

Oh gentle snow you have the power to conceal — you own destruction. The sky gets a mystic…

There are moments when one needs to fold. For some it can mean a pulling back, a disconnection from the outside, it can even mean to quit. To break. To fall apart. And yes, sometimes that’s why we fold.

But this time around, I bow to intertwine, to place together, like the pieces of a puzzle. I fold into my body and let myself feel the connected, yet open spaces. Similar to the impressions left behind by an Origami and its compact freedom it can portray in space.

The weather has been so hot and dry lately, that the magnitude…

Chantal Hauser

Chantal is a professional Yoga + Movement Teacher in Switzerland. Find her at She writes about yoga and life.

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