Yuppiechef’s official response to customers about our legal case with Yuppie Gadgets
Andrew Smith

Hi Andrew,

I read your reply regarding our court case and to my previous blog regarding the nasty affair at the High and Supreme Court.

For one I am not going to go through every line of your blog but it would have been good for you if you read all affidavits and heads of arguments from your side and our side before you wrote that blog so that at least your facts laid out in the blog were accurate. Also if you were present at court you would have seen exactly where this was going and what the facts were as well as why the same judgement at both courts were the same.

To get to the point of my blog today, you mentioned in your reply that you did not intend to hurt or bully, but you guys are doing exactly that yet again. This dance is getting old and is petty.

Whilst we were all preparing to go the the Supreme Court you guys at Yuppiechef had applied to the Registrar of Trademarks to have the objection period of our Trademarks extended. We did tell you that you should let the trademarks go through because the Supreme Court had to decide anyway. You still persisted. We even told you that we were not going to object as we were going to wait for the outcome of the Supreme Court. The order for the extension was granted due to us not objecting. Now that not 1 but 5 judges have found that we were not infringing on any trademarks, we have requested from you via your lawyers, Von Seidels that you contact the Registrar and the state that you are abandoning its Order extending the objection period in respect our trademarks and confirm that we may proceed to final registration. You just keep ignoring us.

You say that you are not bitter about losing the case, but care about customers being confused, and now have to overcome this confusion in other ways. Is this why you are behaving in the manner?

Our lawyers have contacted yours but apparently you are not budging and are now bullying by omission which is not cool. I see you threw your lawyers under the bus but you need to give them instruction so that our trademarks can be registered.


(Co-Founder of yuppiegadgets.com who would like to have her trademarks registered)

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