Not Walford but Washington — The Queen Vic’s view of the Election.

It’s a crowded bar, the Premier League is live on TV, the beer is flowing and there’s even a collection of EastEnders best loved characters keeping watch over the locals, but we’re a far cry from Walford.

Situated in Washington D.C, this Queen Vic. was founded in 2011 by American Ryan Gordon to satisfy his British wife’s desire for a traditional English pub in the self proclaimed capital of the free world.

Many of the UK’s pub traditions have found their way across the Atlantic with the bar staff proudly promoting the Queen Vic.’s belief in ‘food, booze and soccer’.

Yet it’s the menu that provides the American bar-goers with a real flavor of the U.K., featuring Newcastle Brown Ale, Boddingtons, Shepherds Pie and of course Fish and Chips.

While the Queen Vic. may be named after one of television’s best-loved pubs, the gossip isn’t about Lee and Whitney, there is something else on the menu… politics.

Washington D.C has a history of voting Democrat.

A number of the pub goers say they are concerned about what the rest of the world is thinking of the political spectacle that has captured headlines globally.

Early votes have been cast in the American election, so some voters have already decided whether they want Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to take up office before Election Day on November 8th.

With many Americans self conscious that this election cycle has delivered entertainment rather than insight, locals in the Queen Vic are keen to see a conclusion to what has been a tight race to the White House.

Student Kara Peruccio says, “I’ve never been so happy for an election to be almost over.”