The COVID-Blues

COVID-19 has really got me down. Thankfully I haven’t contracted it, but it’s taking it is taking it’s toll. That makes sense, right?

When this all started, we experienced a collective transition that forced us to dig deep. We had to sit with things we’ve been running from for a very long time. Up until recently, we have been ignoring our home lives, our mental health, our creative projects… our metaphoric and literal gardens.

Corona virus changed everything.

We revisited our homes, reunited with our families, and tended to the garden of our mind, body, and spirit. (Bonus points to those of you with a green thumb!)

We experienced deeply transformative spiritual growth as a collective.

That’s historic!

Never before have we been so connected AND undergone a global event of this magnitude.

And here we are, 9 months into the initial spread of corona virus, all in varying stages depending on our country and how they handled things.

Social media is a disaster…

People are screaming into their computers...

Closely connected communities are fragmenting all over the place…

Conspiracies have emerged from the shadows…

The fabric of reality is becoming hard to discern among the polarizing beliefs of the Left and the Right.

We are operating in a drastically uncertain landscape, and unfortunately for us, everything is on the line.

(Pretty fortunately for people like Jeff Bezzos and Bill Gates… business is booming and demand has never been hirer…)

New Zealand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Germany all mitigated the impact of COVID and slowed the transmission by focusing on unity, certainty, and apolitical rationality.

It seems they were able to unite over logic… Imagine that!

So, why is America still in pandemonium? Why are we still so unclear about the reality of our situation? Why are we still so uncertain about the Truth?

We sit around aimlessly, looking for something real to hold onto. Something to depend on….

But we’re on our own.

No touching.
No smiling.
No hugs.
No support.

All while our society regresses into the worst version of itself… Over consuming food, technology, alcohol, and media. Shopping exclusively at Amazon, Fred Meyers, Taco Bell and Starbucks. Remaining totally isolated and lonely. Turning on our loved ones who don’t agree with us. Throwing out all the the Eco-movements we cared so much about last year and replacing it with single-use EVERYTHING.

Who have we become and tell me something honestly, is it worth it?

Are we certain this is the right way? Or are we just completely uncertain of and don’t know what to do but follow the leader?

Follow the person we like the most.

Follow people who is most like us.

Follow the barrage of conflicting information that we hope will eventually lead us to truth.

Fingers crossed…



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