Partners for StrongMinds launches digital campaign to reach young people before mental health crisis

Note: StrongMinds Project rebranded to Strong 365 in 2017. You can find all of the same resources and information at

Despite the proven power of early intervention to interrupt the progression of psychosis, most of the 100,000 young Americans who face a first episode each year miss this window of opportunity due to lack of information, shame and fear. Today, we’re announcing a new youth outreach campaign to close this gap, StrongMinds Project, led by our own Youth Leadership Board.

StrongMinds Youth Leader Brandon was just beginning his career when psychosis struck:

“I could have used an in-depth and comprehensive resource at the onset of my illness to help guide me to recovery. Having a strong network and support helps set you on the path to recovery much sooner and gives you direction.” -Brandon

Through a campaign website, blog, videos and social channels created by youth, for youth, StrongMinds Project offers information, resources and support aimed at shortcutting an unnecessarily long and often painful pathway to effective support for psychosis today.

Learn how Brandon found his strength, and please consider making a donation and taking action with us today to reach young people before a mental health concern turns to crisis:

#URstrong #Ask4Help

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