The Degenerate Side Of Being An Entrepreneur.

Oh, let me count the ways:

  • Lying and cancelling plans because I’m sooooo busy
  • Spending wads of cash on courses and coaching
  • Having no non-business related interests
  • Working until my brain hurts
  • Hanging around the roulette table is as social as it gets (con of living next to a casino)
  • Stress eating and turning into a fatso
  • Skipping birthdays, family events and sometimes meetings because I just can’t be bothered
  • Being rude to people who dare call my phone!

Then there’s that porn addiction.

I’ve consumed so much entrepreneurial porn that sometimes, I can no longer perform where it matters most: in my own business.

I’m so addicted to my business I don’t even know who I am without it.

I’m passionate, which is great.

I’m somewhat talented, which is cool.

This all started when my therapist recommended I take time away from my business.

I listened.

And so the affirmation began:

I am not my business.

The truth is, my business has saved my life.

It’s gotten me through so many tough times.

When I had nothing, I had my business.

When I was in debt beyond belief, my business was there.

When my heart broke into tiny pieces, my business was there to distract me.

But now my business is distracting me from actually living.

I’m ready to admit it: I want more than my business now.

I was want my own identity - I want to have interests that don’t revolve around my business.

I’m ready to quit my entrepreneur porn addiction too, its kinda expensive.

Feel me?