Why I Started a Social Media Agency.

I knew for about 3 years before I made the jump that corp life just wasn’t for me.

This was 2014 pre-everyone-wants-to-be-an-entrepreneur era.

Terribly unhappy at my cushy 100k job — I became the goldilocks of the corporate life, on the ultimate quest to find that fantasy company that fits just rrrrrright.

Fast-forward a few years, 4 companies later and this is where I was at in the months leading up to me quitting my job, hitting the eject button on corporate life and putting my own tata’s on the line.

I was working for a TOP SEO agency in Melbourne.

I noticed social media was becoming a big thing, huge thing.

The agency I was working for at the time wasn’t doing social media well so I put my hand up and asked for a meeting with the director, you know, to talk about his growth plan for his company.

I had a pretty ok relationship with the (ridiculous hot) director, which made things interesting at times.

This same director that hired me and sat me next to him for the entire 8 months I was there.

He’s very much the Jordon Belfort of the SEO Agency land and I was front and centre in the bull pit.

SEO land is brutal.

I wasn’t hitting my sales numbers, through no fault of my own, thanks to red tape and the clusterfuk that is SEO.

I was getting behind financially, as always. Living beyond my means, most definitely. That’s my speciality.

The meeting was short and went like this:

‘Director, why weren’t we doing a better job on the Social Media front, for the agency and its clients?’

Shocked, he said, “Well, put together a business plan and I’ll take a look at it.


I didn’t even know what a business plan was but I figured it out.

I busted my ass, renamed the document to ‘The Brand Plan’, business plan just sounded so beige.

My plan, my amazing business plan sat on his desk for weeks!

I’m still not sure if he ever looked at it. Perhaps the images of Burning Man put him off.

Director didn’t follow through.

I realised this really was just a bandaid fix for something deeper.

I knew I had to have all the balls to make my own calls.

If he’s not going to pay me to do it, I’m going to do it myself.

I knew I had to do it for myself.

I knew I could do it.

Quitting your job without savings or a plan was definitely not the cool thing to do.

I was living in an AirBnb at the time, trying to figure my life out, again.

Something had to change.

I signed a lease on a brand new apartment, and I just taken a pay cut with the promise of higher commissions.


That month I missed out on a 10K commission check thanks to an internal technicality.

That was the sign I needed to get the fuck out of corps life.

I knew the lifestyle I wanted, I wasn’t going to settle, and the only way I was going to make it happen was to make the money myself.

Parting words from the ridiculously hot director…

“Chantel, it takes the same amount of effort to run a small business as it does run an agency.”

Play big, go all in, got it.


As a parting gift to myself, I took a client with me — a property developer who believed in my vision, hired me to run his social media campaigns and thus my agency was born!

Then this kinda happened…. Hello, Degenerate!