45 Proven Insect Repelling Plants With Insane Benefits

Bad bugs can be annoying and sometimes utterly disgusting. However, insect repelling plants can save you a lot of trouble having to use harsh chemicals.
These plants can be used in companion planting, households, sustainable garden, patios, and biological pest control in agribusinesses.
Check out these;

45 Proven Insect Repelling Plants

1. Citronella plant
Citronella is also called mosquito plant geranium and largely resembles the lemongrass. You’ll love and appreciate growing this plant because of its rare citrus-like scent. Especially when you touch it.
The scent is thought to repel a variety of insects including mosquitoes. Some people believe that the plant works well when you crush and apply onto the skin.
Although not as effective in repelling mosquitoes as you would think, it surely helps in deterring adult whiteflies and won’t hurt growing it both indoors and outdoors.

2. Lemongrass
Lemongrass is a herb which is widely used in most Asian cuisines as well as for medicinal purpose. This plant has a strong scent that resembles that of lemons, thus the name lemongrass.
The plant contains the ability to repel some insects, such as mosquitoes and its oil is used to attract honey bees.

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