Yesterday, I was talking to someone who is really struggling in their career. Over the last few years their role has transformed into something different and now the position is no longer in alignment of who they are and they are really feeling stuck. They are starting to hate their job, and everything about it. The idea of sticking it out another couple of years is depressing and they are not sure what to do next. …

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The other day, I was a mentor for an amazing organization called POWER the Power of Professional Women. It’s an incredible networking group for women in which other women are genuinely there to help and support other women and (men who want to support women too). You might want to consider signing up and joining the team! :-)

Anyway, the event was a speed mentoring event in which emerging leaders were paired with seasoned leader and they hosted the discussion of various different topics. The topics were anything from leadership to being in — transition to networking to work life…

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Compassion is one of those “nice” words that is easily dismissed, especially in the workplace. I have had people literally roll their eyes at me whenever I even mention the word. Compassion has this connotation of being “too soft” and “touchy feely”.

Don’t ask lawyers about compassion, they may not laugh directly in your face, but they have already made a pretty swift judgement about you, and I am pretty sure its not positive. (Not all lawyers of course…you might be that compassionate one :-).

The workplace is rampant with a lack of compassion for others and leading with compassion…

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I was recently at a networking event and was chatting with someone I hadn’t seen in a while. Then throughout the conversation he asked me;

“You are going to be 37 this year, right?”

When he said that (in my head) I was like, Ugh, why are you asking me that? And, yes, I am going to be 37. Thank you for reminding me. Really? You had to ask that? Don’t you know it’s rude to ask a woman her age?

In fact, his mere question made me feel bad about myself. Dang, another year older, another year, that I…

Chantelle Fitzgerald

Mindfulness Coach, Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher, Speaker, Writer, Meditator

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