Fiction, Not Fiction

Warning *content may cause discomfort

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Anouk tucked herself into bed, snuggling down into her pillow and pulling her blanket up. She allowed her eyes to close and her breathing slow. She was tired and quickly drifted to sleep.

She was young. Merely a child on a bed made to be on all fours. Quivering with fear. He was behind her. She never saw him though, for she never looked. She couldn’t. She didn’t want to see what was in his eyes. She gasped as she felt a sharp stinging and rushed to push him away. He clasped her small arm and forced it back onto the bed.

As he leant over her, he whispered in her ear, “Don’t you want to know what it feels like, Anouk?”

And he pierced her tiny body.

The pain was more than she had ever endured. Burning. She couldn’t speak out in anguish because she couldn’t breath. She shed silent tears. Her soul was in shock. Adrenaline coursed her veins, but her mind was numb to an exit strategy. She couldn’t move, she was locked in by the pain and knowledge that he could, and was doing this to her. He was meant to be the one to protect her.

She awoke to the sound of her heart beating against its cage of bone. Pounding and pounding. She hated those memories that crept in when she was vulnerable. She couldn’t fend them off once they started penetrating her psyche. This was no dream that invaded her sleep, the images, the scenario were all too real.

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