Have You Told Yourself?

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You are beautiful. Have you told yourself that recently? You fucking should. I would tell you that you are but you wouldn’t believe me. No one ever accepts as truth what he or she does not believe to be true about themselves. But you are.

You are beautiful.

Perfect in all your imperfections. Don’t hide your shadow self behind a mask, allow every aspect of you to come into the light. You are beautiful just the way you are. In all your impurities, your mistakes, in your feelings of unworthiness. Embrace all that you are, accept your shadows and live in the light.

Because you are not impure, and your mistakes are mere lessons. My darling, stand within your power and know that you’re worthy. It is time to shed your self-loathing and step into your true self; a self of beauty and integrity. Rid yourself of the guilt and need for acceptance. Stand out in all your wonder. Show the world your wings and be the Earth Angel you are here to be.

We all have within us the masculine and the feminine. The dark and the light. The Yin and the Yang.

If anyone says they are always positive, it’s fucking bullshit. What they are doing is cramming all their crap into a cupboard and ignoring it. One day, that cupboard door is not going to close, all their years of shit is going to spill out and they won’t be able to ignore it anymore. It is going to be one hell of a clean up.

Take the time now to acknowledge every emotion, sadness; anger; guilt; worry and then let it go. As was told to me tonight “don’t sit in your own shit”. Accept, acknowledge and release it. You will see how freeing it is.

So for now, stand with your feet planted firmly on Mother Gaia, raise your hands to the sky, to Great Spirit, with a smile on your lips and strongly speak these words, “ I am beautiful. I have got this. I am worthy and I fucking rock.”

Blessed be beautiful souls.

Image Source Unknown